Wales Slate Business Breakfast 1.2.18

Posted: Monday 5 March 2018
The day started at 8 o'clock Thursday morning at the National Slate Museum. Tea, Coffee and a breakfast bap was provided for all attendees as we listened to each presentation. Roland Evans from Gwynedd Council was first, with a presentation on the World Heritage Site nomination for Gwynedd's slate areas, Chris Allwood from Welsh Slate Ltd was second, and discussed how businesses could benefit from the nomination - whether successful or not!, Dr Dafydd Roberts from the National Slate Museum was 3rd and discussed the future of the National Slate Museum and last but not least, Stephen Edwards from Hwb Eryri which discussed the importance of the community to 'back the bid' and the future of Hwb Eryri.

 The presentations came to an end at 9 o'clock and we were given the opportunity to go on a tour. There were two options. The first was: to walk past the Vivian Quarry, and up to the Dinorwic Quarry Hospital. Then, walking back towards the Slate Museum, by seeing Vivian Quarry's Incline (a registered monument) operating.

The second tour started by going on a bus from the Slate Museum, through the village of Deiniolen, and to Dinorwic. There, we walked towards Dinorwic's viewpoint, by admiring the size of the Dinorwic Quarry and the spectacular view of Peris Valley. Then, we returned to Allt Ddu, before walking down a public path – which was straight and rocky at places. Then, we continued to walk down the path, and back to the Slate Museum.

Tea's, coffees, bara brith and Welsh cakes were available at the end of both tours – which were delicious!
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