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There is so much to learn and discover about the Wales Slate area, the World Heritage Site nomination, the industry of the past and present day and our unique communities.  Follow us on social media to get up to date information, and use #morethanslate to tell us about you and your stories!

Why not explore the area on one of the many walks that incorporate the slate landscapes, quarries and communities of North Wales?

Why not attend one of our information sharing events to find out more, speak to the team and let us have your thoughts?

Enjoy a selection of videos which celebrate our efforts to secure World Heritage site status for the Slate Landscape of northwest Wales

The Wales Slate World Heritage Site nomination is about you; as residents, businesses and visitors of this amazing place…so why not get involved.

Watch Lord Dafydd Wigley's lecture The battle for slate quarrymen’s dust compensation, held at the National Slate Museum in January 2020 or read the full transcript here.



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