Lois Angharad Williams

Lois Williams

I’ve been very fortunate to have been born and brought up in Llanberis (Dinorwig Quarry Area) by
the foot of Snowdon. A fond memory from my childhood is visiting the National Slate Museum and
being told tales of my Father when he worked on building the Quarrymen’s houses – ‘Fron haul’ in
the year 1999.

I believe that living in Llanberis and around the Quarry landscape has encouraged my interest in
photography, and I take pride in being able to show the beauty of the Llanberis area and the Quarry
landscape through a lens.

The above photo of the ducks by Llyn Padarn was taken during the lockdown and I’m honoured to
have been given the opportunity to promote my area across different social media accounts,
websites, and outlets promoting North Wales, its landscape and its Quarry Areas.