Management Arrangements

World Heritage Sites are managed by UNESCO.  UNESCO has a responsibility to ensure that the Outstanding Universal Value of these special places are protected for future generations.  The UNESCO World Heritage Committee require the Site to be managed in accordance with the requirements of the ‘Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage’ (1972).

In the UK, the UK Government is the State Party to UNESCO, it is their responsibility as the signatory of the Convention above to support this aim.  The State Party is responsible for submitting the World Heritage Site nominations and have ultimate responsibility for their management.

Every World Heritage Site has an accountable body, which is Cyngor Gwynedd in our case.  The accountable body responds to requests for information by UNESCO through the State Party.

The World Heritage Site is run as a partnership, seven strategic partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and sit on the Partnership Board. The Partnership Board is responsible for the running of the site at a strategic level. The team at Cyngor Gwynedd is responsible for the day to day running of the site at an operational level, with partners across the landscape providing site-specific operational management and support for their sites.

Community, business, third sector and organisational representatives sit on the sub-groups within the management structure, and feed activities, concerns or ideas up to the Partnership Board through the structure.

As our World Heritage Site encompasses a vast geographical area, with the majority of the site in private ownership. 


management structure diagram







The Slate Landscape of Northwest Wales World Heritage Site Partnership Board is the strategic lead for a number of working groups and the Partnership as a whole through which it received specialist advice from dedicated experts in heritage conservation, global heritage, economic regeneration and cultural tourism.

Our Partnership Board includes representation from each of our Strategic Partners and is chaired by Lord Dafydd Wigley, there are two sub-groups, and their purpose is to give advice to the Partnership Board on different fields, the Conservation Sub-Group and Benefitting Sub-group. Two forums are also part of the structure, namely the Landowners Forum and the Communities Forum. The structure's purpose is to ensure a voice for communities and landowners in the management of the Site.

Members of the Partnership Board

  • Lord Dafydd Wigley (Chair)
  • Councillor Nia Jeffreys (Vice Chair, and Vice Leader and Cabinet Member Economy and Community Cyngor Gwynedd)
  • Sioned Williams (Cyngor Gwynedd)
  • Roland Evans (Cyngor Gwynedd)
  • Hannah Joyce (Cyngor Gwynedd)
  • Gareth Jones (Cyngor Gwynedd)
  • Gwenllian Williams (Cyngor Gwynedd)
  • Gwyneth Hughes (Cyngor Gwynedd – Secretary)
  • Jonathan Cawley (Snowdonia National Park Authority)
  • Dr Sian Rees (ICOMOS-UK)
  • Dr Andrew Edwards (Bangor University)
  • Dr Kathryn Roberts (Chair of the Conservation Sub-group and Cadw)
  • Ashley Batten (Cadw)
  • Dr Christopher Catling (Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales)
  • Dr Dafydd Gwyn (Expert)
  • Michael Bewick (Chair of Benefitting Sub-group and J. W. Greaves)
  • Ceri Williams (National Trust)
  • Kath Davies (Amgueddfa Cymru)
  • Elen Roberts (Amgueddfa Cymru)
  • Andrew Davidson (Gwynedd Archaeological Trust)

Please click here to see the minutes of the Partnership Board.